About Me

Literally me.
Literally me.


My name is Emaan and I am currently a student at the University of California, Berkeley. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I was born and raised in Southern California. I received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Computer Science (with a decent helping of statistics courses) and am currently pursuing a Masters of Science (M.S.) in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a concentration in ML/AI and Theory. I am lucky to be advised by Satish Rao and Michael Mahoney. I am greatly fascinated by many fields in computer science, including theory, hardware, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and computer security. Additionally, I have an interest in economics, politics, finance, and history.

I also love teaching, and have been on course staff 12 times, 10 times as a TA, for the following courses during my time at Berkeley:

  • Probability Theory (STAT 134): Group Tutor, Spring 2018
  • Computer Architecture (Machine Structures; CS 61C): TA, Summer 2018
  • Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (CS 70): TA, Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019
  • Teaching Techniques for Computer Science (CS 375): TA, Summer 2020
  • Machine Learning (EECS 189): Reader, Summer 2019
  • Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems (CS 170): Head TA, Fall 2020; Project TA, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Spring 2021
  • Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures (Graduate Algorithms; CS 270): TA, Spring 2021

Fun Facts

  • I collect paper currency from around the world (this is known as numismatics) including from historical states.
  • I write primarily in cursive and I prefer chalkboards to whiteboards.
  • I use a blank keyboard and an IBM Model M keyboard from 1984.
  • I once designed and built a 30-foot wooden scale model of the Eiffel Tower with two friends.


Click to view my résumé, updated May 2020 (contact for complete résumé):

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